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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Unlike many scrap companies/stocking yards and warehouses, we are happy to have you look around our inventory with or without one of our team members. If you’d like assistance, our staff will show you around and write down exactly what you want. 
If you decide to browse alone, we ask that you do it carefully and at your own risk, due to material handling equipment and trucks traveling throughout our yard and warehouses.

We can accommodate almost any delivery schedule. There could be additional charges for deliveries outside normal business hours or on weekends. Let your salesperson know that you have a special delivery requirement, and we will do whatever it takes to accommodate you.

Yes, we carry a very large variety of scraps and new prime steel and pipes

Yes, we sell stainless steel and aluminum coupled with copper wire, diamonds etc. We also sell many other metals and are here to help you with anything else you might need.

However you would like to get your scrap material is fine with us. Pick it up or we will deliver it. If you need it very quickly and our trucks aren’t available, we are happy to pay for faster delivery and add it to your order.

Delivery charges vary depending on the size of order and delivery location. If the order is at least $400 and 
you are located in Boston, delivery is FREE. For orders less than the minimum or worldwide, our fee is based upon the delivery location.

Yes (It depends on your location). We ship from Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha to any location. We will work with you to deliver your order to you as quickly as possible. We also ask our supplier to ship to you if your location is not a distant place. Delivery from Tristan da Cunha takes 15 days to arrive USA and other countries.

Within two weeks of purchase and with pre authorization, our customers are welcome to return scrap material that hasn’t been used,  as long as it is in at least the same condition as it was when purchased. We do not allow return of any scrap material that has  been cut or altered in any way from our normal stocking condition. There will be a 20% restocking fee for any material 
that is returned.

Yes, we do have a minimum for most orders as stated per product described in the product section. 

Our customers can pay by Bank, BTC {Bitcoins}, Walmart Gift Card, wire transfer etc. We “DO NOT SHIP” before our customers pay, all orders must be paid before its being shipped.

Yes! Immediately you have placed your order and have paid for your scrap/product, we will process your order and register your package with a shipping company that will transport your package to your location and we will also provide you with your 
tracking number so that you keep track of your shipment till it arrives your location.

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