US-Kupferschrottexporte um ein Zehntel reduziert

The exports of copper waste and scrap by the U.S. registered sharp decline during the first ten months of the current year, says latest trade data published by the U.S. Census Bureau. The country exported $2.38 billion worth of scrap copper during this period, down by 10.44% when compared with the exports of $2.66 billion during Jan-Oct ’18. The exports totaled $236.54 million for the month of October ’19 alone. ceramic cpu

The primary export destination of copper waste and scrap from the U.S. was China. The strict regulations imposed by the Chinese Customs authorities on waste imports into the country have resulted in almost 64% decline in exports to that country. China accounted for exports valued at $375.98 million, representing approximately 16% of all shipments by the U.S. in Jan-Oct ’19. The second largest importer was Malaysia, whose imports from the U.S. were valued at $345.37 million. With 10.96% market share, Canada emerged as the third largest destination of U.S exports. ceramic cpu

Meantime, the data through October this year suggests over 19% decline in U.S. imports of copper waste and scrap. The country imported $531.60 million worth of material, as compared with the imports of $657.66 million in the corresponding ten-month period last year. ceramic cpu

The top five sources of import were Canada ($305.66 million), Mexico ($169.4 million), Dominican Republic ($8 million), Chile ($7.3 million) and Costa Rica ($5.96 million). Approximately 93% of all copper scrap imports to the U.S. were from the above five countries. The combined imports from these countries totalled $496.32 million. ceramic cpu

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