Derichebourg Group Completes Acquisition of Leading Spanish Scrap Metal Recycler

France-headquartered Derichebourg Environment announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Lyrsa Group- the leading scrap metal recycler in Spain. All of the capital has been acquired from the majority as well as the minority shareholders of Lyrsa Group. Red liquid mercury for sale

The press release by the French Group noted that all of the 600 Lyrsa Group employees will now be part of Derichebourg Environment. The Spanish scrap metal recycler processes approximately 1 million metric tons of scrap metal, including nearly 160,000 metric tons of non-ferrous metals. Also, it had reported revenues of around $480 million during the entire year 2018. Founded in 1939, it operates 18 recycling centers-17 in Spain and 1 in Portugal. prime-virgin-silver-liquid-mercury.

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Commenting on the successful completion of acquisition, Abderaman El Aoufir, deputy CEO of Derichebourg Group stated that the occasion marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of both the companies. It promises to bring about significant changes to Lyrsa Group and its employees. Further, he commended the great work done by founding families and their descendants in building the group.

Derichebourg is a global operator at the international level in environmental services to businesses and local and municipal authorities. Its operations are segmented into two branches– the Environment division and the Multiservices division. The Group is estimated to have sales of around 2.7 billion euros from its operations spread across 12 countries. It employs a total of 36,800 people globally.

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