Foliar Spraying Amino Acid Chelate Potassium


10 Metric Tons (Min. Order)

Product Specification:
1. Effect on the soil
1) First of all solubility is increased because of amino acids and potassium in wetting effects ,
on the other hand, the active functional groups of amino acids produce adsorption to potassium and
reduce leaching and soil crystal lattice.

2) Potassium amino acid can stimulate the activity of biological and micro biological .
Amino acids provide the primary energy source for soil microbes and microbes, which Can improve the soil
environment of plant roots.

2. Effect on plant
1) Potassium amino acid has a good effect on the growth and development of crop roots. , accelerate cell division ,
increase the soluble protein content of root system , and enhance the activity of root system.
2) , The metabolism of amino acids in plants may be occured transamination from the roots ,and can be transfered to other parts.

3) Can improve the water retention of plants. , increase resistance to drought, frost, salt stress and other
adverse environmental conditions .
4) Potassium amino acid contains rich serine , proline and aspartate, in which Proline accumulation is a protective
measure taken by plants in order to against drought stress.

3. functional characteristics
3.1 promote root seedling
3.2 organic potassium fast absorption
3.3 high nutrient utilization rate
3.4 eco friendly
3.5 cold resistant and anti salt alkali
3.6 yield and quality

4. Application method
1. Can be used as fertilizer, base fertilizer, banding , broadcast, hole application ;
2. Can be sprayed on ground ,leave face(0.1 ~ 0.2% solution );
3. Suitable for fruit, tea, tobacco, citrus, grapes, strawberries, a variety of trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables,
rice and other crops
4. Root irrigation 500 times water solution ; Foliar application 1000 times water solution , wetting is OK;
5. Fertilizer application amount per Mu :20-25 kg, Foliar fertilizer application amount :8-10 kg .